Q: What is the fee?

A: 500 Rs. per analysis per session of approximately 30 minutes duration. Same fee is also applicable for your vedic astrology detailed horoscope as well as for prashna kundali per question.

Q: What are the modes of payment?

A: Paytm, Netbanking and cash. Paytm is linked to the mobile number 9755122550.

Q: I wish to visit you. How can I reach your place in Bhopal and are there any requirements for consultation?

A: First you reach gate no. 8 of E-1 Arera Colony. As soon as you enter this gate, take 1st left turn. After a while you would notice a white building on the right hand side (1st building) where the name plate of Mr Manish Verma would be there. Enter from the gate where you see this name plate & security camera. The building number will confuse you and hence is not mentioned here.

While your accurate birth details should suffice, it is recommended that you confirm your rashi/lagna details or bring your birth-chart. Your mobile phone should be off during the meeting. Cashless payment is preferred. However, if you wish to pay by cash please bring exact change.

Q: I wish to opt for telephonic consultation. May I know the procedure?

A: You can deposit the amount and call up.

Q: Is my privacy maintained.

A: Absolutely.

Q: How is marriage counselling done?

A: Marriage counselling is done by (a) analysis of kundli (b) analysis of gunas. Guna milan which is commonly used is a small part of the process. The actual process takes some time.

Q: Do you sell rudraksha/gemstones/rings etc.?

A: No. You can get all of these from reputed jewellers. Some rudrakshas can be procured from pooja stores as well. Copper and iron rings can be obtained from pooja stores. Iron kada can be procured from Gurdwara.

Q: Do you provide puja/muhurta/vastu services?

A: No.

Q: Do you provide numerology/palmistry consultation?

A: No.

Q: Do you provide vashikaran services?

A: No.

Q: How accurate is astrology?

A: The source texts by sage Parashara, Jamini, Bhrigu, Varahamihira etc. lay a strong foundation towards astrology. However, in practice it should not be taken as fully accurate on its own as there are various interpretations to texts and some information pertaining to nakshatras has probably been lost.  Astrology is evolving rapidly due to recent researches. The accuracy can be expected to be better the more accurate the birth-time is.

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