Astrology FAQs

Q: What is the consultation fee?

A: Different services have different fee as follows:

(1) Basic Reading/Analysis/Remedies – 500 Rs. per session of upto 20 min.
(2) Detailed Reading/Analysis/Remedies – 1,000 Rs. per session of upto 1 hr.
(3)  Traditional astrology birth-report – 500 Rs.
(4) Prashna Jyotish – 500 Rs. per question.
(5) Birth-Time Rectification (BTR) – 1,000 Rs.
(6) Kundli Milan – The fee is mentioned in one of the questions below.
(7) For vastu, the fee details are provided here. For muhoorata, the fee depends on the requirement.

Q: How can I take appointment for consultation?

A: Just proceed from this webpage and call up. The appointment is almost immediate in most cases. If you are in Bhopal who wishes to visit, you can just walk-in also during working hours. For horary astrology or prashna jyotish consultation request, proceed from here.

Q: What are the modes of payment?

A: Netbanking, Paytm, Cards, PayPal and cash. Paytm is linked to the mobile number 9755122550. Payment details are provided here.

Q: I want to visit you. How can I reach your address in Bhopal and are there any requirements for consultation?

A: Please check how to reach link.

Accurate birth details should be provided. If you wish to note down some points, you may bring notebook and pen. Your mobile phone should be silent during the meeting. Online payment can be made if you do not have exact change.

Q: I wish to opt for phone/online consultation. May I know the procedure?

A: You can  submit accurate birth-details, make online payment and call up. Skype call can also be made in place of phone call.

Q: Is my privacy maintained.

A: Absolutely, whether you are VIP or aam aadmi.

Q: How is marriage counselling (kundli milan / match making) done? Is it same as Guna Milan?

A: Marriage counselling is done by (a) analysis of kundli using Stellar (Nadi) Astrology (b) analysis of gunas using traditional astrology. Guna milan which is used in traditional astrology is a small part of the process. The actual process takes some time and is far beyond guna milan which can be done in few minutes.

Q: What is the fee for kundli milan?

A: 750 Rs. per pair per session of upto 45 min.

Q: Do you sell rudraksha/gemstones/rings etc.?

A: No. You can get all of these from reliable jewellers. Some rudrakshas can be procured from pooja stores as well. Copper and iron rings can be obtained from pooja stores. Iron kada can be procured from Gurdwara.

Q: Do you provide muhoorata & vastu services?

A: Advanced stellar astrology based muhoorata can be suggested.

Vastu consultation would require the map along with the birth details.

Q: Do you provide pooja service?

A: No. For pooja, the temple priest can be contacted.

Q: Do you provide numerology/palmistry consultation?

A: If you wish to balance your name or your mobile number using numerology, it can be discussed. Palmistry consultation is not available at this point of time.

Q: I only have approximate birth time. Do you provide birth-time rectification service?

A: Yes, along with the approximate birth time, you would need to provide approximate timings of  some of the major events in your life. It may be possible to arrive at your closer birth time. The process takes some time.

Q: I do not have any idea about my birth time. Is it possible to use astrology in my case?

A: Horary astrology or Prashna jyotish can be used in most such cases to answer specific queries. Birth chart is not used in horary astrology but a chart is created and read involving specific query. The question or the thought in the mind itself takes the form of kundali called prashna kundali. Only ethical questions are accepted for prashna kundali.

Q: How are online  classes conducted?

A: Online classes are conducted via web conferencing like Skype for example.

Q: Do you provide vashikaran services?

A: No.

Q: How accurate is astrology?

A: The source texts by sage Parashara, Jemini, Bhrigu, Varahamihira etc. lay a strong foundation towards astrology. However, in practice it should not be taken as fully accurate on its own as there are various interpretations to texts and some information pertaining to nakshatras has probably been lost.  Astrology is evolving rapidly due to recent researches and due to widespread access of computing devices. The accuracy can be expected to be better the more accurate the birth-time is.

Q: Can you suggest a few astrology/jyotish texts.

A: Here are some texts.

S. No. Name Author
1 Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra Maharshi Parashara
2 Brihat Jataka Varaha Mihira
3 Brihat Samhita Varaha Mihira
4 Phaladeepika Mantreswara
5 Saravali Kalyan Varma
6 Uttarakalamrita Kalidas

Astrology can be understood better when there is a vision of connectivity or oneness of everything, otherwise one would wonder how can fate be related to stars. This vision can be developed by studying non-duality for which source texts/course can be found at .

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