Astrology Courses – Bhopal or Online

Astrology Courses in Bhopal

The following astrology courses (daily or weekends) are available in Bhopal or online:

Name Duration (Approx.) Description Fee (Rs.)
Stellar (Nadi) Astrology 2 weeks (Mon . – Fri.) or 5 weekends (Sat., Sun.) Stellar (Nadi#) Astrology is taught along with the necessary fundamental concepts of traditional astrology. 10,000
Stellar (Nadi) Astrology – Crash Course 1 week (Mon. – Fri.) or 3 weekends (Sat. , Sun.)

[Note: This course can be covered in just 2 days with long workshop sessions especially for the people outside Bhopal.]

Stellar (Nadi#) Astrology is taught along with the necessary fundamental concepts of traditional astrology. 5,000

Language: English/Hindi

Requirement: Windows computer and familiarity with basic computer operations.

Faculty: Manish Verma

Syllabus: Please check the bottom of this page.

How to Apply: Just proceed as below. Fields marked with * are compulsory. Classes will commence immediately whether online or in-person at Bhopal depending on the time-slot availability. Classes are mostly on, “1On1” basis but if you have a group it can be adjusted.

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#The word Nadi is often associated with pulse which is not what is meant here. The word Nadi here simply means prediction. So, Nadi Astrology referred to here implies predictive astrology. The key behind Stellar (Nadi) Astrology is the primary use of nakshatras and not just rashis. Therefore, it is quite similar to KP (Krishnamurti Paddhati). It has nothing to do with pulse or leaves readings.

Note: All courses assume that software/app would be used to construct the kundli and do not cover the mathematics involving kundli construction. Recommended book(s) will be informed after the admission.

Syllabus:  Syllabus for 2 weeks astrology course is given below. The syllabus will be condensed for the shorter course(s).

> Jyotish, Ecliptic, Zodiac etc.
> Grahas
> Rashis
> Houses, Kundali
> Software Training – Traditional Astrology
> Conjunctions, Yogas, Aspects, Motion, Doshas, Shadbala, Ashtakvarga, Combustion
> Kundali Reading
> Nakshatras & Dashas
> Divisional Charts
> Panchanga Usage in Reading
> Bhava Chart in Stellar Astrology
> Nadi Astrology Rules
> Predictions Using Stellar (Nadi) Astrology
> Software Training – Stellar (Nadi) Astrology
> Case Studies – Stellar (Nadi) Astrology
> Prashna Jyotish or Horary Astrology Using Stellar (Nadi) Astrology

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