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Combinations for Good Astrologer


The following points need to be evaluated for a good astrologer:

  • Mercury, Jupiter give the capacity to learn & advise. Mercury gives mathematical ability also.
  • Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Venus give the inclination to venture into metaphysics.
  • Uranus is considered very important in KP & western astrology for a good astrologer as it has connection to space research (Uranus represents Aquarius in western astrology).
  • Moon is important as Moon represents mind and astrology is a lot about psychology. Also, Moon can give psychic ability to an astrologer helping him/her in predictions.
  • 2nd house gives the potential to study, research, accumulate knowledge and for spoken words.
  • 3rd house of consultation/upadesha.
  • 8th house gives the inclination to delve into hidden, mysterious and transformative things.
  • If 5th and 9th houses are prominent, the astrologer can have spiritual understanding also giving him/her wide perspective.
  • Presence of fire element, as fire element gives problem solving ability. This can be checked via fiery ascendant and/or fiery grahas etc. Mars gives rational mind that likes to attack problems due to fiery nature and hence is particularly useful.
  • Prominent 10th & 11th houses point towards success but this is true in general and is not specific to astrology.