Living Through 5 Senses

Living in the present means living through the 5 senses and not allowing mind to take control. When mind takes control, there is too much repetition of thoughts which drains lot of energy and the experience of bliss is lost.

A spiritual practice can be derived taking a clue from Gita 8.7 (all the time remember Me and fight as well) about how to live life though not in the strict sense of the words. While doing any activity keep on living (paying attention) through your senses every now and then. This way, mind will not be able to take over you easily.

Organic Computers OR Us

The fear that computers would rule the world one day is a reality even now. This is due to the fact that most of us are identified* with the body-mind complex which is like a computer. Brain is like the hardware of a highly evolved computer and mind is like software controlling everything. So, it is mind that rules the world, not us.

*Identified means that, “I” is attached to it.

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