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Please give marks from 0-10 for each of the following:

Part (A)

  1. Support from father/boss/seniors/govt.
  2. Support from mother or elderly ladies
  3. Support from brother or men
  4. Support from sister/relatives/friends
  5. Support from teachers
  6. Support from women
  7. Support from servants
  8. Support from paternal grandfather or foreigners
  9. Support from maternal grandfather

Part (B)

  1. Your Leadership Skills
  2. Your Mental Peace, Nurturing & Caring Nature
  3. Your Fighting Spirit & Energy Level
  4. Your Ability to Grasp & Analyse
  5. Your Knowledge, Ability to Express or Speak
  6. Your Beauty & Relationships
  7. Your Discipline & Dispassion
  8. Your Innovative Ideas & Research Capability
  9. Your Introspection & Spiritual Tendencies